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Simple Things To Make Your House More Energy Efficient

We are always getting asked by our clients how to improve the energy efficiency of there house. The question we often get asked is “How do we lower our utility bill?” There is many things you can do to lower your utility bills. Some come with a large price tag and some are simple things you can do to make sure you are not throwing money out the door. Fist, lets talk about the most obvious culprits to a high utility bill. Having an older heating and cooling system is your number one energy killer. Living in the hot Arizona desert, we know an air conditioning compressor can be the largest draw of electricity a house can have. So if you want an easy way to lower your bill its time to update to a newer energy efficient air conditioning. Having older single pane windows is another fact to consider. Having cold air leak in the house and having the hot sun pounding through outdated windows is sure to take more energy to heat and cool. Not everyone can afford new windows and an updated HVAC system so what to do. Well there are a few things that the average home owner can do to help lessen the electrical load. Start by getting some duct sealing tape. This is not to be confused with duct tape. Its the shiny metal tape near the duct work at your local hardware store. Find your furnace or air handler and turn the unit on. If you find any air leaks coming out take your tape and seal them up. Have a package unit? Head up on the roof and see if you can find any air leaks. When you have a lower efficient unit the last thing you want is to have air leaking out. Another more advanced thing to do is take off the register grills that supply air to your house and make sure they are sealed properly. A lot of times you will find that they are leaking air right back in the wall. Sealing you HVAC system is a simple way to make your house more energy efficient until you can afford to finally get that old AC unit updated.